formal membership recruitment

The Primary Recruitment Process at cornell University is a five day process that begins prior to the start of spring classes. 2019 formal Recruitment begins on january 15th with New Member Education and ends january 21st with Bid Day! Recruitment is a values based, mutually selective process aimed to maximize the opportunity that both potential new members and chapters have in selecting a sorority experience that matches their values. Interested individuals will need to return to ithaca by 3pm on january 15th to participate in the mandatory new member education. 


pre-recruitment requirements


New Member Orientation | Online

Intervene Training | Register for a Date Here


new member educatioN

January 15 | 3:30PM - 9:00PM



Open house

January 16 | 9:15AM - 7:00PM

January 17 | 9:15AM - 4:00PM


chapter experience & Values

January 18 | 8:15Am - 7:30PM


Philanthropy & Service

January 19 | 9:45am - 5:00pm


preference ceremony

January 20 | 10:45Am - 4:00Pm


bid day celebration

January 21 | Times



informal spring recruitment opportunities

January 22 - March 28 | Various Times