rho gamma

A Rho Gamma or "Recruitment Guide" will be there to encourage and mentor you throughout the recruitment process. The Rho Gamma take potential new members (PNMs) to all of the chapter houses during Open House and is there to answer questions and listen as you process you experience. Rho Gammas are affiliated members on Cornell's campus, but during this week they disaffiliate so that they can guide PNMs through a positive recruitment experience. Rho Gammas provide PNMs with an overview of the recruitment process before the week begins and support you throughout the recruitment week. Rho Gammas are required to attend approximately 20-30 hours of training regarding the entire recruitment process, active listening workshops, intergroup dialogue project sessions, and various other activities. If you experience any issue with a Rho Gamma, please contact the Vice President of Recruitment Experience & Publicity, (publicity@cornellphc.org).

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2019 rho gammas